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Our History

Front of old Crab Shack on Dollarton Highway

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The Crab Shop has been a fixture on the North Shore since the 1960’s.  It originated on the mudflats at 2817 Dollarton Highway.  It was purchased in 1961 by Martin Dobay under the name of North Vancouver Fish Supply.  In 1982 the name was changed to “The Crab Shack”.  In 1988 the shop relocated north of the highway at 2464 Dollarton Highway.  In 1993, the current owner Marcel Gregori took over from Dobay and remained at the same location until 2007 when the store moved within walking distance of its current location to #121-2455 Dollarton Highway in the newly constructed Dollarton Landing Plaza.


Marcel's Boat The Barkley Surge

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Marcel had previously worked as a manager of a local fish plant.  When he took over the business in 1993, the boat “Barkley Surge” was included in the purchase.  Three engines later and a slow overhaul of the boat, the “Surge” is still an integral part of Marcel’s continued success.  In order to do his part for the environment, Marcel’s boat and transport vehicles are fuelled by recycled canola oil utilized from the kitchen at The Crab Shop.  Marcel himself processes the used oil into bio-diesel fuel.


The Crab Shop has evolved since Marcel purchased it in 1993 when there was no refrigeration showcase for the fish and the shop had to rely on crushed ice to keep everything fresh and cool.  Marcel later built a walk-in freezer behind the shack as well as an in-house smoker for his black cod and salmon.  On the off season, the fenced in area at the back of the shop stored the crab traps used during the season.


Dollarton Crab Shack Fire! 2004

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In November 2004, the store had an unexpected electrical fire that severely damaged the building and caused the shop to close for several months.  Marcel had to decide whether to salvage the current location or relocate.  The interim decision was to repair the shop while seeking a better location.  The Dollarton Landing Plaza was built in 2006, and became the new home of the Crab Shop when the doors opened for business on May 17, 2007.


In its new location the amenities include coolers, refrigerators and storage for crab traps off season.  Its new home is a bright and spacious area where patrons can either sit and enjoy its famous fish ‘n’ chips and other treats, or select from the tantalizing display of fresh seafood and live crab in tanks.  The Crab Shop has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 60’s but the high quality, freshness and value of its seafood have never been compromised!